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Bensonhurst Cocktail

Bensonhurst Cocktail

Bensonhurst Cocktail

Like a Manhattan, a Brooklyn or a Green Point, the Bensonhurst takes its name from a borough in the greater New York area, and this cocktail really is an eclectic and cosmopolitan mix of ingredients.

Mixing rye whisky with Italian maraschino liqeur, Sicilian artichoke bitter Cynar and Italian dry Vermouth, this is really an odd mix, and when you look at it, it shouldn't work out - but it does! 

Our experience is that the lightly peated notes of Stauning Heather is a perfect match with the herbal and almost vegetal notes of Cynar, the floral Maraschino and the flower notes found in Vermouth Del Professore Bianco. This cocktail might be an acquired taste, but we really appreciate the individual notes from every ingredient, and how they are balancing on a knife's edge in this cocktail. Like the city, this really is a melting pot of tastes and impressions.



- 6 cl Stauning Heather single malt whisky

- 3 cl dry Vermouth (Try e.g. Del Professore Bianco or a classic Martini)  

- 2 barspoons of Luxardo Maraschino

- 1 barspoon of Cynar


1. Stir all ingredients over ice in a mixing glass 

2. Double strain into a coupé glass without ice


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Benson Hurst cocktail with stauning heather single malt whisky
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