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Looking for Stauning Whisky?

Due to restrictions on trade involving alcohol across borders, we are not able to ship bottles outside of Denmark. The best we can do is to guide you towards our international distributors. Also we may have sold out - but - try your luck at our international distributors and larger Danish webshops - they ship to almost anywhere in Europe and the rest of the world... 


🇫🇷 Maison du Whisky - Webshop - Shipping Worldwide

Maison du whisky buy acheter danish stauning whisky

🇬🇧 The Whisky Exchange - Webshop - Shipping Worldwide

Whisky exchange buy stauning whisky products

🇩🇰 - Danish webshop - Ships in Europe (EU)

whisky dk stauning køb forhandler

🇩🇪 - German webshop - Ships to Germany & Austria kaufen dänischer stauning whisky brennerei auf dänemark

🇩🇰 Mikkeller Spirits - Danish Webshop - Ships in Europe  

Mikkeller beer and spirit shop stauning whisky


Store locator - Find local Stauning Whisky dealers & distributors here

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