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Like Minded Creatures X Stauning Whisky

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At Stauning Whisky, we are always in pursuit of refining and exploring new expressions. This pursuit, driven by our shared passions for experimentation, has led us to collaborate with the bartender group, Like Minded Creatures (LMC). Our Whiskies are not about leaning into known territory. They are for the bold. The curious. The hunters. The seekers. Like Minded Creatures are some of the most creative and nerdy cocktail makers in the business, and our whisky taps perfectly into their curious world.

We are unconstrained by tradition, self-ironic, and do not take ourselves too seriously - only our whisky. The collaboration with Like Minded Creatures is an obvious choice because, like us, they take their craft, but not themselves, seriously.

Free thinking whisky for free thinking people, unconstrained by tradition and driven only by curiosity,” - Stauning Whisky.

One of the 3 creatures from LMC: Luke Whearty aka. "The Wookie" - co-founder of the bar Byrdi, Melbourne Australia.

Alex Munch, one of the nine founders of Stauning Whisky, at a tasting in the secret warehouse bar.

Like Minded Creatures

Stauning Whisky - the 4th creature

Now picture this; three of the best football players of all time on the same team, three of the best chefs in the world in the same kitchen or three of the most creative artists in the same studio - the imagery you have now should be somewhat incredible, but also rather crazy. The members of the bartender group, Like Minded Creatures, encapsulates this, as the three creatures are some of the world's greatest in the field of bartending.

We see Stauning as the fourth creature, a lot of synergies there, in the mentality, and how they approach making whisky kinda the same as how we make drinks.” - Luke the Wookie.

We are extremely thrilled that LMC considers Stauning Whisky as the fourth creature. We too, like to experiment and push the boundaries. At any given time, we have several hundred ongoing experiments. And with so many ongoing experiments, we are bound to make mistakes, but from these mistakes, we can evolve.

Two of 3 creatures from LMC. To the left: Matt Whiley aka. "The Fox" - co-founder of the bar RE, Sydney Australia. On the right: Alex Kratena aka. "The Panda" - co-founder of the bar Tayēr + Elementary, London, England.

Who are the Like Minded Creatures?

LMC consists of none other than three award-winning bartenders: Alex Kratena aka. "The Panda" - co-founder of the bar Tayēr + Elementary, London, England. Matt Whiley aka. "The Fox" - co-founder of the bar RE, Sydney Australia. And finally, Luke Whearty aka. "The Wookie" - co-founder of the bar Byrdi, Melbourne Australia.  

LMC was established as an opportunity to break away from what they do daily and go off script crazy and wild, and we at Stauning Whisky fit perfectly into this, as we too are curious, love experimenting and are innovative by nature. 

We do not necessarily bound ourselves by rules we are happy to get out and explore other areas. The guys (Stauning Whisky) don’t make whisky the traditional way, bound by traditional rules. Similar thing with us despite it being three different styles. Like Minded Creatures as well as Stauning has the philosophy of not being afraid, not conveying to bend to the rules. Happy to make mistakes to evolve.” - Alex the Panda


Stauning Whisky World Tour

Like Minded Creatures has a distinctive way of approaching the art of creating cocktails. Exactly why we think Stauning has found our ideal collaboration partner. Around the world, LMC will be presenting Stauning Whisky in new and creative ways, by serving drinks that are different from what you might have tasted before.

Our whisky will be accompanied by exciting new flavours. To put it shortly - Stauning Whisky like you have never tasted it before

We are excited to see where this collaboration takes us!” - Stauning Whisky.

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