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Stauning Curious

kr 395.00
Approx. €42.90

                          Load image into Gallery viewer, Stauning whisky whisky Stauning Curious

                          Load image into Gallery viewer, Stauning whisky whisky Stauning Curious

                          Load image into Gallery viewer, Stauning whisky whisky Stauning Curious

Stauning Curious

kr 395.00
Approx. €42.90

50cl - ABV: 43%

Stauning Curious is what is popularly known as White Dog or New Make or Raw Spirits. It is the unaged hearts of our rye whisky - and to make this even more special we have taken our mash bill of malted rye and malted barley and smoked it with peat normally reserved for our peated single malts.

It tastes great on its own - comparable to mezcal or some grappas - but sweeter and more full-bodied and very smokey. It is the obvious choice for high-end cocktails. Try it as a substitute for vodka or mezcal or matured whiskies. It's a powerhouse of taste.

Winner of the "Worlds Best New Make" at the 2019 World Whiskies Awards

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Curious Fact

Stauning Curious was the first release in Stauning Research Series

Research Series is our playground. A place where we allow ourselves to try out new ideas, to experiment and think out of the box.

Every edition of Research Series will be decorated by an artist. The artwork for Stauning Curious is made by Thit Hansgaard. She works as a tattooist at Sinners Inc Art Collective in Aarhus, Denmark.

Everything is made on-site at the distillery using only the best raw materials and traditional production methods:

Pure spirit

The Curious new make is extremely revealing. No cask influence to hide anything. It takes a great new make to create a truly great whisky.


Made from locally harvested rye and barley


Floor-malted at the distillery


Distinct smoky notes from burnt local peat


Double-distilled in small, open-fired pot stills

Unfiltered and not chill-filtered - some residue may appear


100% handmade at the distillery using nothing but local ingredients

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Tasting Notes

Whisky Magazine

Gloriously gravelly smoke, with leathery peat and rich earthiness. Very dry, with plimsoll hints developing in the glass. Lighter than expected on the palate, with the plimsoll rubberiness complimented by bitter liquorice pastilles and green leaves. Vegetal, hot and spicy, with capsicum, joined by chilli and black pepper. Excellent young spirit that won’t need to see the inside of a cask for long.


Delicate smoke, pepper, hay, grappa, oily, sulphur, shoe polish, raisins


Plastic, tobacco, sweet wet smoke, barley, sugar


Smoky, candy

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