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Stauning Rye - Belize Rum Cask - July 2019

kr 595.00
Load image into Gallery viewer, stauning whisky whisky Stauning Rye - Rum Finish - July 2019
Load image into Gallery viewer, stauning whisky whisky Stauning Rye - Rum Finish - July 2019

Stauning Rye - Belize Rum Cask - July 2019

kr 595.00

Looking for Stauning Whisky?

Due to restrictions on trade involving alcohol across borders, we are not able to ship bottles outside of Denmark. The best we can do is to guide you towards our international distributors.

Also we may have sold out - but - try your luck at our international distributors and larger Danish webshops - they ship to almost anywhere in Europe and the rest of the world... 


Stauning Rye is a true classic in our range. It is made from rye and barley, grown on fields surrounding the distillery. To make it, we adopted production methods from our single malt whiskies. This means that we malt both the barley and the rye - this is very unusual, and it adds complexity and depth. Another malt whisky technique we utilize is double pot still distillation, which again is a method that contributes to the quality of the spirit.

Stauning Rye has matured three years in virgin heavy-charred American white-oak casks. This edition has been aged for another 6 months in Belize rum casks for extra spiciness and complexity. It contains no artificial flavouring or colouring and therefore, it is technically a straight rye whisky. 

Everything is made on site at the distillery using only best raw materials and traditional production methods:

- Floor malted local barley
- Floor malted local rye
- Double pot still distilled
- Direct-fired stills

- Local water of superior quality
- Non-chill filtered
- Matured and bottled on site
- Terroir product of Denmark 


Stauning, West Jutland, Denmark


Distilled 2016 – Bottled July 2019

700 bottles for sale on the webshop


Dark amber


Pencils, mint, raisins, molasses, honey, vanilla, walnut, bitter chocolate, cinnamon and oak.


Fennel, beeswax, tobacco, figs, apricot, toffee, caramel, oak, orange, apple and liquorice.


Long sweet aftertaste, mouth-watering, fruity, oaky, oily and spicy.

Bottle size

50 cl.

Alcoholic strength

46.50% ABV

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