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Stauning Peated - Best Danish Single Malt Whisky 2017

Stauning Peated - Best Danish Single Malt Whisky 2017

Stauning Peated - Best Danish Single Malt Whisky 2017

One of our specialties is making great single malt whisky. A stamp of approval of this came, when our Peated whisky won the award for Best Danish Single Malt at World Whiskies Awards 2017.

Stauning Peated is a single malt whisky that appeals to Islay fans. It has got its smoky characteristics of drying and smoking the malted barley with peat smoke from peat excavated by Klosterlund Museum (Store Bølling Sø). This bottle contains malted barley. The new make is distilled twice in traditional pot stills which gives a complex whisky with lots of nuances to explore. The ageing process has taken place in 200-litre 1st fill ex-bourbon casks.

Tasting Notes:

"Nose is very aromatic with pine notes. Taste is a fiery attack, a hint of smokiness and some pine cone. Very dry mouthfeel with little sweetness. Short finish." - World Whiskies Awards



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Stauning Whisky Peated single malt whisky was awarded best danish single malt 2017


Stauning Whisky - Vestjylland, Stauning


Distilled 2012 – Bottled 2016



Pale straw


Delicate smoke, cereals and chocolate


Smoked chocolate bar, nougat and light molasses


Very long, smoke, vanilla and butterscotch

Bottle size

50 cl.

Alcoholic strength

51.5% ABV

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