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Stauning Whisky Sour

Stauning Whisky Sour

Stauning Whisky Sour

A simple and classic cocktail. Containing the basic elements of many cocktails: Sweetness, sourness/bitterness on a strong backbone of alcohol – in this case Rye whisky. Often shaken with egg whites to form a pleasant foam top. This can easily be left out if you prefer. You can experiment with adding 2 dashes of bitters to the mix or a fruity red wine layer spooned in the finished cocktail.

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What you need


  • 5 cl Stauning Rye
  • 2 cl Lemon juice
  • 1 cl Sugar syrup
  • 1 cl egg white


  • Add whisky, lemon juice and egg white into a cocktail mixer with ice.
  • Shake well for 15-20 seconds until the mixer is cold.
  • Strain the drink into a lowball glass.
  • Garnish with a lemon peel
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