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HARDCORE | Stauning Rye Whisky


Only left in stock

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HARDCORE | Stauning Rye Whisky

Only left in stock

70cl - ABV: 61,2%
Explore the HARDCORE Stauning Rye Whisky. This cask strength version of our popular Stauning Rye is a tribute to the pure, rich and roasted aromas of traditional Danish rye bread with a lasting fruity aftertaste.

Stauning Rye stands out by being based on 100% malted rye and barley, locally sourced, and distilled in traditional direct-fired copper pot stills. This process yields a whisky that is exceptionally smooth and provides your palate with a spectrum of fruity notes, all within a robust body. 

This Hardcore Edition appeals to those who seek a powerful and undiluted whisky experience. This one is for the connoisseur and collector. An amazing powerhouse of a dram.

(If you're from Denmark, please switch to Danish in the bottom to purchase directly)
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Internationally Recognised Danish Whisky

Curious Fact

Open-fired stills creates complex and deep flavours thanks to the fact that a still heated this way will reach significantly higher temperatures (up to 650˚C). This causes any solids in the wash to stick to the inner surface of the copper, in the same way as steak placed on a hot griddle pan will start to brown.

This Maillard type reaction inside the still will help to create a range of different flavour compounds, like chocolate, caramel and roasted nuts.

Using the best raw materials and most traditional production methods:

A foundational product, marking our entry into the world of fine whiskies.

Locally sourced rye and barley for authentic flavor.

100% floor malted at our distillery.

Aged for 3-4 years in heavily charred virgin American oak barrels for richness.

Double-distilled in small, open-fired copper pot stills. Non-chill filtered - residue may appear.

A testament to handcrafted excellence using only local ingredients & all processes in-house at the distillery.


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Tasting Notes

Freshly-baked rye bread, citrus and vanilla on the nose. Taste of ripe cherries, oranges, almonds, beeswax, burnt sugar, pine, fennel, apricots and vanilla with a long lasting fruity finish.

Batch Size

608 bottles

Age & Maturation

Aged for 3-4 years in heavily charred virgin American oak barrels

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