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Stauning Young Rye Whisky - Best Danish Rye 2018

Stauning Young Rye Whisky - Best Danish Rye 2018

Stauning Young Rye Whisky - Best Danish Rye 2018

From floor malted rye and barley, double distillation new make in traditional direct-fire pot stills, our Young Rye arose. At World Whiskies Awards, they liked it so much, it was awarded Best Danish Rye in 2018.

This is a STRAIGHT RYE WHISKY. It is over 3 years old … Malted Rye Whisky. As always with floor maltet Rye and Barley. The new make is from a double distillation in traditional direct fire pot stills, which gives a complex whisky with lots of nuances to explore. 

The liquid has aged on Virgin American White Oak Casks. And it has gained lots of color and flavor from the casks – a full bodied Whisky. It's warm, friendly and fresh at the same time, spicy, bold, full-bodied and seems considerably older than the age suggests. One clearly senses the Rye and recognize the scent of freshly baked Rye bread.


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Stauning Young Rye Whisky was awarded best danish rye by world whiskies award 2018


Stauning Whisky - Vestjylland, Stauning


Distilled 2013 – Bottled 2017



Dark amber


Caramel, vanilla, , cinnamon, oak


Caramel, vanilla, licorice, pepper, dried fruit, apple and oak


Very long, vanilla, licorice, dried fruit, oak

Bottle size

50 cl.

Alcoholic strength

51.1% ABV

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