Stauning Whisky | Carlsberg Master Distiller's Brew | 2023


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Master Distiller's Brew | Carlsberg // Stauning


Only a few left in stock

                          Load image into Gallery viewer, Stauning Whisky merchandise Master Distiller's Brew | Carlsberg // Stauning

                          Load image into Gallery viewer, Stauning Whisky merchandise Master Distiller's Brew | Carlsberg // Stauning

Master Distiller's Brew | Carlsberg // Stauning

Only a few left in stock

75cl Whisky-Barrel Aged Lager - ABV: 12,5%

Experience the exceptional Carlsberg Research Laboratory x Stauning Whisky – The Master Distiller’s Brew, where innovation meets tradition. This exclusive beer is the result of a collaborative effort between Carlsberg, a giant and pioneer in the brewing industry, and Stauning Whisky, a creative and experimental distillery. The Master Distiller’s Brew is a testament to the pioneering spirit of both brands, having matured for six months in juicy ex-Rye whisky casks from Stauning Whisky.

The Master Distiller’s Brew stands out with its deep amber hue and robust flavour profile, comprising malt and oak notes, harmoniously blended to create a taste sensation like no other. This limited edition lager beer is carefully carbonated post maturation to enhance its champagne-like quality. Each bottle of this extraordinary brew is encased in a 75 cl champagne bottle.

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The Master Distiller’s Brew Collaboration

Scott Milne from Stauning Whisky explains, "Our aim is to continually challenge the limits of our products and innovation. Master Brew is a shining example of this philosophy, born from our collaborative spirit and a shared vision to create something special and exclusive for the beer market.”

Caspar Lyhne of Carlsberg Research Laboratory adds, “Our mission is to explore the full spectrum of beer brewing. Examining the interactions between beer and whisky flavors was a natural progression for us. We are thrilled to offer our customers the new Master Brew, a product of our valuable partnership with Stauning Whisky, a brand that also embraces challenges and innovation.”


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Aroma of vanilla, honey, caramel, and oak.


Clear taste of whisky and oak, spiced with malt notes and a residual sweetness from the beer.


The aftertaste is dominated by the warming effect of the alcohol, a subdued bitterness, and whisky.

Batch Size

5000 in total

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