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The Whisky Chair by Finn Juhl

The Whisky Chair by Finn Juhl

The Whisky Chair by Finn Juhl


This is Stauning Whisky's most expensive bottle to date. Only 250 numbered bottles are made, and the price is $10,000.

With an exorbitant price tag, you may need to sit down - but fortunately, each bottle comes with one of Finn Juhl's newly relaunched Whisky Chairs, also numbered from 1-250, as well as a special hand-blown glass from Danish glassblower, Mikkel Yerst.

It's no secret that we love everything related to whisky. When we were given the opportunity to develop and produce a whisky for a whisky chair, we could not possibly say no. There is also a special local significance, as House of Finn Juhl is one of our neighbours in Ringkøbing,” says Alex Munch, co-founder of Stauning Whisky.

The previously unreleased "Whisky Chair" from 1948 is now in production for the first time by House of Finn Juhl.

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FINN JUHL // 1948

The chair was originally perceived as too extravagant

The furniture architect Finn Juhl is one of the most prominent figures in Danish design and is behind several timeless classics. In 1948, he designed the Whisky Chair - created for sipping whisky - complete with a small foldout table. Finn Juhl presented the chair at Snedkerlauget's exhibition, but the chair was perceived as too extravagant and subsequently did not come into production.

“For us, it’s simply extraordinary that Finn Juhl designed a chair that incorporates a glass of whisky in this way. It tells everything to know about him. He designed freely, without thinking about the commercial aspect of his creations,” says Hans Henrik Sørensen, co-founder of House of Finn Juhl.

When the House of Finn Juhl decided to relaunch the chair, they borrowed one of the chairs on an exhibition in 1948 from Japanese professor and furniture collector, Noritsugu Oda. In this way, the chair could be measured and compared with Finn Juhl's original design drawings.

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Where to find it?

The Whisky Chair, bottle and glass was presented on Wednesday 15th of June 2022 at House of Finn Juhl's showroom in Copenhagen. The guiding price is $10,000. The Limited Edition Whisky that comes along is a peat-smoked single malt whisky aged in Amarone wine casks, and the limited amount of 250 bottles are numbered in sequence with the first 250 chairs sold.

The exact price depends on the specific selection of materials, as there are a few options. The setup is only available for purchase through the Finn Juhl retailer network at

Please reach out to an official Finn Juhl retailer for the specific prices. The Limited Edition whisky and Whisky Chair can only be bought through the official Finn Juhl dealers.

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