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NEW LIMITED EDITION - Stauning KAOS - Rum Cask Finish

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New Nordic Whisky meets The Tropics

Embark on a double-distilled voyage around the world: from the Danish West Coast across the Atlantic and onwards to The Caribbean and then The Pacific. We have matured our West Jutland Triple Malt Whisky on fine rum casks from the Caribbean and the South Pacific.

After more than 3 years in new American oak barrels and First Fill Maker's Mark barrels, this KAOS had 18 months in rum barrels from Fiji, Cuba and Barbados

The result is a complex and balanced terroir whisky with a taste of piracy and exotic fruits.

The most savage KAOS you will ever come across!

As always, the whisky is made purely on locally grown grain, malted on the floor and distilled twice over an open fire in small copper pot stills.

High Proof

Bottled at British Navy Strength

Adding to the maritime experience, Stauning KAOS – Rum Cask is bottled at 'British Navy Strength'.

Before modern techniques made their entrance, gunpowder was used to measure the strength of alcohol. If the powder could still be ignited after being wet, the alcohol strength was approved - and thus over 54.5%. They didn't want to risk ruining their firepower should the rum barrels leak next to the cannons.

This is the strength the Royal Navy required their spirits to be delivered at - at least.

In total, there are only made 3,577 bottles of these limited editions, and with every bottle you'll feel like setting foot on a distant tropical island.

Expected release on the 14th of November 2022

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