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New Limited Edition: Rye Whisky Meets Sherry Casks

New Limited Edition: Rye Whisky Meets Sherry Casks

New Limited Edition: Rye Whisky Meets Sherry Casks


Stauning Whisky proudly introduces a new limited edition from our Whisky Studio, bringing together Danish innovation and Jerez tradition: Danish Rye Whisky finished in Sherry casks from Jerez.

We are excited to announce the release of a new limited edition whisky that combines the nature of West Jutland, Danish rye, and the warmth of Jerez, homeland of sherry. In West Jutland, where wind and weather shape the landscape, we have been distilling the essence of the Danish west coast since our humble start in 2005. For this release, our creative whisky makers are looking to southern skies with the new limited edition in our Whisky Studio series – Stauning Rye Sherry Cask Finish.

The new whisky, Stauning Rye Sherry Cask Finish, is made from 100% floor-malted local Danish rye, aged in new American oak barrels and finished in carefully selected Oloroso and Moscatel sherry casks from Jerez in Spain.

The result is a rich and fruity whisky, primarily designed to be tasted neat.

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A Blend of Heritage

Danish Rye Meets Jerez Sherry Casks

"Sherry is making a comeback, and in Jerez, where sherry is produced, master blenders are ageing their Spanish brandies in both American oak and old sherry casks, a process that we wanted to reflect when designing our Stauning Rye Sherry Cask Finish. There is a strong tradition of finishing Scotch Whisky in sherry casks, but it has rarely been seen for rye whisky. With this new expression of Stauning Whisky, we are associating Danish innovation and design with Jerez tradition, bringing to New World Whisky a rye whisky in perfect harmony with the aromatic qualities of sherry." says Alex Munch, co-founder of Stauning Whisky.

The new bottle will be released on June 21, with only 3,500 bottles available. Our special editions often sell out, so don't wait too long if you want to explore this new expression in your glass this summer.

From Grain to Glass

The Journey of Stauning Rye Sherry Cask Finish

Rye Sherry Cask Finish is made from local Danish rye and barley from West Jutland, floor-malted at our distillery, and double-distilled in 24 small copper pot stills over an open flame.

Stauning Rye Sherry Cask Finish can be purchased online at and the distillery shop from June 21. Additionally, it will be available at selected retailers in Denmark.

The recommended price is DKK 745,- for 70 cl, with only 3,500 bottles produced in total.

Tasting Notes: The whisky initially has notes of vanilla, caramel, and meadow honey, followed by fennel, tobacco, black tea, and Seville oranges. Finally, you will taste figs, caramel, tobacco, and Demerara sugar with soft tones of caramelized oak.

Strength: Sherry Cask Finish has an alcohol content of 53.1% at bottling.

The whisky is distilled, aged, and bottled at our distillery in Stauning.

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