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To make Whisky Vinegar, we begin with our favourite whisky: Stauning Rye Whisky


One of the best restaurants in the world, Noma, has recently started Noma Projects, where they release ready-made products to bring their kitchen closer to yours. And now, they have made a Whisky Vinegar with our rye whisky!

We are extremely proud that Noma considers Stauning Rye as their favourite whisky. We too, like to experiment and push the boundaries. At any given time, we have several hundred ongoing experiments. We put a great deal of care and attention to detail, when making our Rye Whisky. We think its bold, fruity and honest.

Noma Projects is the beginning of a myriad of projects

Restaurant Noma has lived many lives since opening in 2003. From their early days exploring Nordic cuisine to hosting pop-ups around the world to reopening the restaurant on the other side of Copenhagen, their team has spent nearly twenty years cooking, learning, traveling, and studying the world together.

Noma Projects is the beginning of a myriad of projects that will have food, deliciousness, and education at its core. From special pantry products to new media endeavors to environmental programs, Noma Projects aims to transform the restaurant’s collective knowledge, craft, and spirit into an engine for creative output and positive change.

A bright and malty Whisky Vinegar made with our Danish Stauning Rye Whisky

To get from spirit to vinegar, Noma gently vacuum-distill the whisky to remove excess alcohol, whilst holding onto its distinct flavor. Once it reaches an alcohol content conducive to making vinegar, they blend it with two kinds of apple vinegar and birch syrup. Added up, it’s toasty-fruity and slightly sweet with woody depths — what NOMA believe to be the truest representation of good whisky, in vinegar form.

Project 005: Whisky Vinegar is a bright and malty Whisky Vinegar made with our Danish Stauning Rye Whisky. The bracing acidity of apple cider vinegar blends beautifully with the warm and woody base notes of a barrel-aged spirit, making this Whisky Vinegar a unique and versatile addition to your pantry. An excellent way to dress a salad of bitter, winter greens, to replace the malt vinegar on a basket of hot fish and chips, or to brighten up your morning juice.

Contains one 250mL (8.45oz) bottle • Made by hand by the Noma Projects team in Copenhagen • Vegan • Soy, gluten and dairy-free

About Noma Projects:

Every product we make is meant to inspire moments of joy and discovery. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite recipes and will continue to add more each month. Recipes are developed by Nadine Levy Redzepi and chef Kevin Jeung.

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