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Stauning Rye Whisky


Only left in stock

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Stauning Rye Whisky

Only left in stock

70cl - ABV: 48%

750ml - ABV: 48%

A liquid interpretation of freshly baked Danish rye bread. A Nordic rye whisky with dark and roasted aromas and a long fruity aftertaste.

This is a different kind of rye whisky. The combination of malted rye and barley and pot still distillation makes this a smooth, fruity and full-bodied whisky.

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Internationally Recognised Danish Whisky

Curious fact

Stauning Rye contains only floor malted rye and barley.

Open-fired stills creates complex and deep flavours thanks to the fact that a still heated this way will reach significantly higher temperatures (up to 650˚C). This causes any solids in the wash to stick to the inner surface of the copper, in the same way as steak placed on a hot griddle pan will start to brown. This Maillard type reaction inside the still will help to create a range of different flavour compounds, like chocolate, caramel and roasted nuts.

Using the best raw materials and most traditional production methods:


A true Stauning classic, our first officially released product


Made from local rye and barley


100% floor-malted at the distillery


Matured for 3-4 years in new American oak barrels


Double-distilled in small, open-fired pot stills Unfiltered and not chill-filtered - some residue may appear


100% handmade at the distillery using nothing but local ingredients

Tasting notes

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Tasting Notes

Freshly-baked rye bread, wine gums and hint of pepper on the nose. Gentle, dried fruit, ripe cherry and peppery oak on the palate, balanced by vanilla and citrus peels, leading to a peppery finish and long smooth, fruity and sweet finish.

Age & Maturation

Matured for 3-4 years in new American oak barrels

Beverage Testing Institute, 93-points / Gold Medal

Exceptional. A deftly crafted Malted Rye that has lots of flavor and range to offer.

Joel Harrison - 95-points / Gold Medal

“At Stauning distillery on Denmark’s west coast, malting rye has been a key part of the production since its launch a decade ago. The spirit here is produced from a blend of Danish rye and barley and distilled in traditional direct-fire pot stills, which gives a rounded, almost creamy note. A 95-point score and a gold medal shows how well made this really is.”

International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC), 96 points / Gold Medal

A captivating whisky full of intriguing complexity. Broad flavours of bacon and smoky peat balance beautifully with the zesty tang of citrus fruit, sweet corn and pepper. A hint of tea gives an extra level of deliciousness. Incredibly drinkable.

Dave Broom review
"Intriguing and a whisky which keeps drawing you back in."

One of the best restaurants in the world, Noma, has recently started Noma Projects, where they release ready-made products to bring their kitchen closer to yours. And now, they have made a Whisky Vinegar with our rye whisky!

"To make Whisky Vinegar, We begin with our favourite whisky: Stauning Rye Whisky" – Noma.

We are extremely proud that Noma considers Stauning Rye as their favourite whisky. We too, like to experiment and push the boundaries. At any given time, we have several hundred ongoing experiments. We put a great deal of care and attention to detail, when making our Rye Whisky. We think its bold, fruity and honest.

Read more about the Noma project here

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