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Stauning Smoke | Single Malt Whisky


Only left in stock

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Stauning Smoke | Single Malt Whisky

Only left in stock

70cl - ABV: 47%

750ml - ABV: 47%

Stauning Smoke epitomizes the innovative and distinctive Danish whisky philosophy of our distillery, offering a gently smoked single malt crafted from 100% floor-malted local Danish barley. The grain is kiln-smoked using locally sourced heather and peat, then double-distilled in our traditional direct-fired pot stills. 

The result is a complex yet balanced spirit, rich in character and reflecting the terroir of Denmark's West Coast. Each sip reveals fresh and crisp orchard fruit notes, followed by a gentle bonfire smoke, elegantly intertwined with citrus, honey, and rich tobacco flavors.

This award-winning whisky, matured in a combination of first-fill Bourbon, fortified wine, and heavily charred new American oak barrels, showcases the essence of Danish craftsmanship and the purity of its natural ingredients.

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Internationally Recognised Danish Whisky

Curious fact

Peat is thousands of years old vegetation compressed into compact layers that can be burned as fuel.

In whisky-making it is used for its fragrant smoke, rather than for heat. The peat gets its character from the landscape composing it. That's why Stauning only uses peat from local bogs.

We blend the peat with dried heather harvested from the heathland by Ringkøbing Fjord. The heather provides the whisky with a mild and aromatic smoky fragrance.

Using the best raw materials and most traditional production methods:


Our flagship smoked single malt whisky


Made from barley harvested in Stauning

Smoked using local peat & heather


Floor-malted at the distillery


Matured for 5-6 years in a mix of 1st Fill bourbon casks, 1st Fill Madeira casks, 1st Fill Jamaica Rum casks and Virgin American Oak casks


Double-distilled in small, open-fired pot stills

Unfiltered and not chill-filtered - some residue may appear


100% handmade at the distillery using nothing but local ingredients

Tasting Notes

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The taste of buzzing bees and the heather of the moorland in a bottle: A gentle bonfire smoke blends with elegant notes of citrus and honey. In the mouth, a rich taste of tobacco, nuts, vanilla and fresh herbs opens up.

Age & Casks

Matured for 5-6 years in a mix of 1st Fill bourbon casks, 1st Fill Madeira casks, 1st Fill Jamaica Rum casks and Virgin American Oak casks

Beverage Testing Institute - Gold Medal

Gold color. Grainy aromas and flavors of whole grain bread dough, roasted sesame, cedar, arugula, incense, and wet barrel with a round, crisp, medium body and a tingling, medium-length finish displaying accents of green peppercorns. A young, zesty Whisky with a flashy, oaky style.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition - Silver medal

Outstanding spirits that show refinement, finesse, and complexity; these winners are among the best examples of their categories.

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