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Stauning Bastard

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Stauning Bastard

kr 595.00
Approx. £68.00

Only left in stock

70cl - ABV: 46,3%

The wind from the North Sea mixes blood with the desert of Mexico in this double-distilled rye whisky aged in old mezcal casks. An illegal love affair with a gentle and exotic aftertaste.

Stauning Bastard a rye whisky made purely of local ingredients, malted on the floor at our distillery and double-distilled in flame-heated pot stills. After at least three years in new, toasted virgin American oak casks, it has been rounded off with at least 6-months ageing in old mezcal casks from Mexican Oro de Oaxaca.

The result is an elegant love child whose equal you won't find anywhere else in this world.

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Curious fact

The artwork on the bottle was made by a tattooist - Thit Hansgaard

Bastard is the second release from our Research Series: Stauning's playground, where we free ourselves from traditions and make room for experiments and innovation.

This whisky was created from our rye whisky that has matured additionally on Mezcal casks from Mexican producer, Oro de Oaxaca. Mezcal is a traditional Mexican liquor made by distilling the heart of the agave.

Using the best raw materials and most traditional production methods:

Research Series 

The second release from our experimental series


Made from rye & barley harvested in Stauning


Floor-malted at the distillery


Matured a minimum of 3 years in Virgin American Oak & then 6 months in Mezcal casks


Double-distilled in small, open-fired pot stills

Unfiltered and not chill-filtered - some residue may appear


100% handmade at the distillery using nothing but local ingredients

Tasting Notes

Sweet pipe tobacco smoke, raisins, oat biscuit, citrus, oak


Tobacco, vanilla, barley, dried fruit, cinnamon, brown sugar, molasses, shortbread, oak


Long sweet, slightly smoky, salty, brown sugar, pepper

Age & Casks

4 years. Matured between 3-4 years in Virgin American Oak & then at least 6 months in Mezcal casks

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