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Salted Maple Old Fashioned

Salted Maple Old Fashioned

Salted Maple Old Fashioned

Discover the Salted Maple Old Fashioned, a cocktail that echoes the essence of our distinctive and award-winning Rye Maple Syrup Cask Finish and the crisp, salty breezes of the fjords near our distillery. This drink is a harmonious blend of Stauning Rye's sweet vanilla, hearty rye bread and bold peppery flavors, artfully combined with the rich sweetness of maple syrup and a hint of saltiness from olive brine.

This cocktail is where the classic Old Fashioned meets the intriguing twist of a Dirty Martini, capturing a unique harmony of flavors. The warmth of the whisky is perfectly balanced with the innovative addition of sweet and salty elements, crafting a drink that's as complex and inviting as the landscape that inspires us.

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What you need


  • 5 cl Stauning Rye Whisky
  • 2 cl Maple syrup & Olive brine mix
  • 1 dash Angostura bitters
  • (Optional) Garnish with two skewered olives


  • Premix 2 parts maple syrup and 1 part olive brine together in a measuring jug and stir until well combined (store in the fridge). Prepare a mixing glass and a rocks glass.
  • In the mixing glass, combine the Stauning Rye, maple and olive mix, and bitters.
  • Fill the mixing glass with ice and stir for about 20-30 seconds. This will chill, dilute, and combine the mixture.
  • To you glass add a large ice cube or fill with ice cubes. Strain the mixture from the mixing glass into the rocks glass.
  • (Optional) Garnish with two skewered olives for a classic touch.
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