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Stauning HØST | Double Malt Whisky


Only left in stock

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Stauning HØST | Double Malt Whisky

Only left in stock

70cl - ABV: 40,5%

750ml - ABV: 40,5%

Stauning HØST is a smooth, fruit-forward, and floral whisky, reminiscent of the warmth and comfort of the late summer Danish sun during the harvest time of our meticulously selected and locally sourced rye and barley. This double malt whisky is crafted in Denmark with a marriage of single malt and malted rye whisky, aged in American oak casks and with a touch of Port wood.

A distinctly Danish approach to whisky: designed with intentionality, simplicity, sustainability, timeless style, and a touch of “hygge”. Using 100% floor malted local Danish rye and Danish barley, we craft a timeless whisky style distinguished by its profound depth of flavour and quality. Double distilled in 24 small, direct-fired copper pot stills to produce malt whisky with a rich flavour. 

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HØST [Hurst]


Stauning HØST, (pronounced “hurst”), meaning “Harvest” in Danish. HØST is the perfect introduction to Stauning's distinctly Danish grain-to-glass approach. Stauning is committed to creating whisky that showcases the elegance and beauty of nature, and each sip of this whisky is a taste of the tranquil terroir of Denmark.

HØST reflects the natural beauty of our local terroir and the season that provides Stauning Distillery with the essential Danish grains to make our whisky. It is a delicate, smooth, and balanced sipping whisky that is perfect for both beginners and connoisseurs.

Using the best raw materials and most traditional production methods:

Smooth & Delicate

A double malt whisky made from our single malt & rye malt


Grains and water for the whisky comes from local sources, all within a bicycle ride from the distillery


Grains are 100% floor malted and kiln dried at the distillery


Matured on-site in heavily charred new American white oak barrels, and first-fill Port barriques.


Double-distilled in 24 small, direct-fired copper pot stills.
Unfiltered and not chill-filtered - some residue may appear

Tasting notes & Details

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Tasting Notes

An easy sipping whisky that is well-balanced with a smooth and fruity flavour profile with floral undertones.

Serving suggestions

Apricot Danish Old Fashioned:

  • 5 cl. (2 oz.) Stauning HOST Whisky
  • 1 barspoon Crème d'Abricot liqueur
  • 1 barspoon Orgeat syrup

    Mix ingredients in an ice filled tumbler glass and serve. Garnish with a sprinkle of cardamom or poppy seed for a special touch.

  • Key facts
  • Danish rye and barley sourced from two local farm.
  • Marriage of our single malt and rye whiskies.
  • Grains are 100% floor malted and kiln dried at the distillery.
  • Double distilled in 24 small direct-fired copper pot stills.
  • Matured on-site in heavily charred new American white oak barrels, and first-fill Port. barriques.
  • Bottled at Stauning Whisky Distillery.
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